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Sustainable Design
is Also Known As:

Eco Design / Green Design /

Cradle to Cradle / Circular Ecomony 

On a personal note:

In the early 90's I studied Graphic Design at the Johannesburg Art Foundation, then I spent a year in Holland, where I caught the Green Bug :)
It kept growing while I studied at Holon Institute of Technology in Israel, [
BA Industrial Design ] and keeps growing ever since.

The mission is to design while taking into account the life cycle of a product, i.e. what materials it is made of, how long will the consumers uses it, can it be recycled or up-cycled once it is no longer in use, packaging, transportation, fair trade, etc.

I believe that research and cooperation with other disciplines are necessary tools for sustainable design work, since many relevant aspects of the products are still less visible to us.

For any queries, feel free to ​contact me

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